Hand Weights

Key Attributes

  • Balanced Force
  • Muscle Toning with Smooth Uniform Motion
  • More Rapid Muscle Development
  • Localized Wrist Torque Eliminated
  • Head Action (Jerkiness) Eliminated
  • Unsupervised Use Permitted
  • Ergonomic Consumer-Friendly Design-No Sharp Edges
  • Dual Use as Handheld Free Weights and Barbell Sets
  • Stand Designs Allow for Ready, Rapid Access
  • Space Conscious Design Provides For Corner Placement

Welcome to Balanced Bells, LLC

Balanced Bells, LLC, headquartered in Nashville, Tenn., provides multi-functional free weights to a variety of markets. The company services home, commercial, professional and educational gyms, rehabilitation clinics, sports facilities such as boxing gyms, basketball, football and baseball facilities, high schools, colleges, professional sports teams and many more health and fitness sports.

We founded our company around a key set of core values. Balanced Bells provides our customers with space-saving products that encourage them to stay healthy and fit. Our weights and accessories are designed to decrease the chance of personal injuries that come with using traditional weights. While we currently service US-based clients, our company will expand internationally in 2012. Balanced Bells sees a great need for our products and feel that our product lines will integrate seamlessly into the fitness industry as we hope to revolutionize the sports and fitness industry just like the kettlebells once did.


Balanced Bells'® assortment of products is growing and by mid-2012 will include:

  1. A rehabilitation set in 0-.5lb increments from 1lb to 10lbs.
  2. Expansion of Line to 100 lbs.
  3. An ergonomic and synergistic weight bench with Olympics-style overhead struts.
  4. Customized colors for Inner Core and Outer Band.
  5. Personalized Logo's.

By joining the Balanced Bells® family, you will be kept abreast of these new offerings as they become available. Our goal is to provide you, the customer, with a stand-alone free weight gym built to last the 21st Century...and beyond.