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Perhaps the most iconic piece of exercise equipment of all time, the dumbbell has been a part of human history for over 2,500 years. The ancient Greeks,creators of the world's foremost athletic competition, the Olympic Games , knew that the repeated lifting of weights would stimulate muscle growth. The dumbbell (a handle with equal masses attached to both ends) and the kettlebell (a handle attached to a single spherical mass) were adopted, and adapted, by various cultures across the globe, and yet their basic form and function remained mostly unchanged through the centuries. Until now, that is.

How to improve upon a concept more than two thousand years old? By taking the dumbbell, and making it smarter. Balanced Halo Bells represent the most radical innovation in free weight design since the earliest Olympians turned exercise into an art form. Balanced Bells' patented design corrects the uneven distribution of mass inherent to the conventional dumbbell and kettlebell, providing a revolutionary free weight which surpasses its predecessors in both form and function.

Due to their unequal distribution of mass, conventional free weights can cause unnecessary strain on the user's wrist and forearm, potentially resulting in damage to weaker muscles. By offering users an unprecedented state of equilibrium, Balanced Bells minimize this risk, reducing torque by more than half and effectively eliminating the need for protective wrist support. Additionally, Balanced Bells' patented Cylindrical Balance eliminates the jerkiness frequently associated with dumbbell exercises, which provides a smooth, even workout and allows users to carry out Dynamic Exercise Programs without supervision. Arm toning is improved,and muscle development is achieved at a more rapid rate.


Dr. Paul J. Fenelon is a Pace Award-winning Physicist and Material Scientist based in Nashville, Tn. He recognized the need for a balanced free weight system while weight training early in the new century and spent years perfecting his product. Founded in 2009, Balanced Bells® LLC is a Nashville, Tn. based Limited Liability Company and is the designer, developer and owner of Balanced Bells'® portfolio of intellectual property. These Ergonomically Safe Balanced Free Weights are protected by Patent Law and cannot be purchased elsewhere unless the seller is a Bona Fide Licensee or Distributor of Balanced Bells® LLC.

An accomplished business executive and entrepreneur, Michael Lee is the Co-Founder and President of Balanced Halo Bells. A graduate of the University of Mississippi (1991, Business Management and Marketing), Mr.

Lee has amassed over two decades of experience leading businesses to greater profitability and motivating employees to exceptional performance.

As an Executive Vice President at publicly traded United Financial Mortgage Corp., he oversaw $9 billion in volume production at the company in 2005. Mr. Lee was one of four Partners who navigated the sale of UFMC and its workforce of over 1200 employees to a Private Equity Firm from Connecticut. Most recently, he served as CEO of another financial corporation and successfully guided the sale of that firm to a larger institution.  An energetic and decisive leader, a skilled motivator and a dynamic, accomplished manager and executive, Mr.Lee now brings his considerable business acumen to the fitness industry as a founding member of Balanced Halo Bells.