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Price: $133.50


Balanced Bells Construction.

Balanced Halo Bells are manufactured from bestin class quality materials. The handle is chrome plated steel ergonomically designed to be acceptable to a wide range of users. It is permanently locked in place within the impact resistant ABS terpolymer inner housing so that it cannot loosen. The outer housing is made from an engineered PolyUrethane abuse resistant polymer which is centrally encapsulated with a ware resistant color code PVC polymer.

Halo Bell Sizes.

To accomodate SNUG repetitive fixturing to the Intel BarBell all Halo Bells have identical inner contours and diameters. The patented proportional designs allow heights and outside diameters to be minimally intrusive to wrist and forearm encroachment over the whole range of Halo Bells. Individual Halo bell sizes are listed below and as listed are typically 30 tp 40% less than equivalent DumbBells.

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